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Simple Style Lines Geometric Ring

Simple Style Lines Geometric Ring

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The ring features a geometric design with simple lines and clean shapes. It is characterized by its minimalist and modern aesthetic, which adds a stylish touch to any outfit. The ring incorporates elements of punk and hip-hop styles, giving it an edgy and rebellious vibe. It is a popular choice among individuals who prefer bold and unique jewelry pieces. When wearing this ring, you can style it with other jewelry pieces or let it stand out on its own as a statement accessory. It can be paired with different fashion styles, including punk, hip-hop, streetwear, or even minimalist outfits, depending on your personal taste and desired look.




Item Style: 1pcs Ring
Condition: 100% Brand New
Material: Alloy
Quantity: 1pcs/set Earrings 
Color: Silver Color
Size: As Picture Size
Net Weight: 16g
Package: PP&P

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